Why print shops need to manage sales person commissions

InfoFlo Print includes a complete commission workflow for your sales people. When a sales person creates a new order, their name is automatically selected from the sales person drop down list. Only managers or administrators can change the sales person’s name. Furthermore, the system will let you link a sales person to a company so that if any customer linked to that company is select from the new estimate/order form, or the customer purchases from the portal, the sale will be automatically linked to that sales person.

Print shops need to manage sales person commissions to fairly compensate their sales representatives for the sales they make, incentivize good performance, and provide a clear understanding of compensation expectations. Proper management of commission can improve job satisfaction and employee retention among sales personnel, as well as ensure that the print shop remains competitive and profitable. Additionally, tracking and managing commissions accurately can help the print shop make informed decisions about sales compensation, sales goals, and sales strategy.

The commission can be based on a fixed amount per month, for example 30% no matter the number of sales, or can be based on performance. Paying commission based on total sales is important because it aligns the interests of the sales representative and the company. By linking compensation to total sales, the sales representative has a financial incentive to maximize their sales and help the company reach its sales goals. This type of compensation structure can also motivate the sales representative to build strong relationships with clients and provide excellent customer service, as repeat business and positive word-of-mouth can lead to increased sales and higher commissions.

Furthermore, basing commission on total sales allows for a clear and transparent understanding of how compensation is calculated, and provides a straightforward way to measure performance. This helps to ensure that compensation is fair and consistent, and can help to build trust and confidence among sales representatives.

InfoFlo Print includes reporting tools to show total commission per sales person based on given time range.

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