Why is order history important for print shops?

Print Shop Management Software

InfoFlo Print includes an order history feature both for users in the print shop and also for customers in the customer portal. Order history is important for print shops because it allows them to keep track of customer preferences, purchase patterns, and billing information. This information can be used to improve customer service, streamline production processes, and increase efficiency. Additionally, order history can help print shops identify repeat customers, which can be a valuable source of repeat business. Furthermore, having an accurate order history can also help print shops to keep track of any recurring issues or complaints, and can be used to improve quality control processes.

Similarly for customers, it allows them to easily re-order and optionally edit the order if changes need to be made.

A re-order feature is important for print shops because it allows customers to easily place repeat orders for products that they have previously purchased. This can save customers time and effort in the ordering process and can also help to increase sales for the print shop. Additionally, a re-order feature can help print shops to more easily manage repeat orders and can also help to increase customer loyalty. By having a re-order feature, print shops can also manage inventory more efficiently, as they have a better idea of what products are in demand and need to be re-stocked. This can be useful for both the print shop and the customer as it can help to reduce lead times and ensure that customers receive their products in a timely manner.


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