Why is a Customer Portal Important for Print Shops?

InfoFlo Print includes a fully white-labeled customer portal. A customer portal can be especially important for print shops, as it can help streamline the process of ordering and tracking print jobs, and provide a central location for customers to access resources and information related to their orders. Some specific benefits of a customer portal for print shops might include:

  1. Simplified ordering process: Customers can use the customer portal to place orders, upload files, and track the progress of their orders, without needing to visit the print shop or call customer service.
  2. Art Approval: A customer portal can help reduce errors and misunderstandings, as customers can review and confirm their artwork and specifications before submitting them.
  3. Pay Invoices: A customer portal can provide a secure location for customers to pay for their invoices.
  4. Order History & Re-Order: A customer portal can provide customers with access to their order history so that they can quickly re-order to streamline the ordering process.

Overall, a customer portal can help print shops provide a more efficient, accurate, and secure service to their customers, which can help improve the customer experience and build customer loyalty.

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