Our Integrations

Stop using dozens of tools to manage your business print shop workflow. InfoFlo Print can help you do more with less! Not only are we experts at keeping all order information in one place - we can also help you manage your accounting, shipping, customer notifications and marketing. with our printing shop management software.

QuickBooks - Shippo - Twillio - MailChimp - HP SiteFlow - All in One Place

QuickBooks Sync: Online, Pro & Enterprise

InfoFlo Print streamlines your accounting processes. Once your system is connected all your tax rates, customers, invoices and payments will be imported to InfoFlo Print. No spreadsheets required! You can start editing/creating new customers, posting invoices and payments through InfoFlo Print. Everything will automatically sync to your QuickBooks.

Shippo Integration

The absolute best rates from top carriers and everything you need for professional shipping in one place. Get started immediately, no coding or volume requirements. Shippo partners with over 85+ global carriers so that you can get started immediately,. If you already have an account with a carrirer and get preferred pricing you can add it!

Twillio Integration

Engage customers with verified messaging over routes that protect consumers from spam and unwanted messages. With InfoFlo Print, you can send estimates, art approval and invoices via SMS using our Twilio integration. As well, you can SMS's for built-in notifications such as order completion, payments due and payments completed.

MailChimp Sync

With our MailChip sync, you can automatically add new customers to your email list when they make a purchase. This helps keep your email list up to date and eliminates the need to manually import and export data. As a result, you can create more effective and efficient email marketing campaigns.

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HP SiteFlow Sync

HP Siteflow two-way sync integration allows print shops to seamlessly follow orders created on Infoflo Print into HP SiteFlow production pipeline and back. The ability to import HP Siteflow products attributes into Infoflo takes away all the hassle of setting up the new environment. Once an order is placed, paid and designed into Infoflo Print, move it into Production inside HP SiteFlow. Every order update status is directly send to Infoflo so managers can check order status update without switching tabs.