Print Shop Vendor Management System

What makes our vendor management system unique from other print shop management systems? Well, it’s that we created it based on input from print shops so the final result is what you, the print shop, asked for.

Here are the features:

  • When creating a new estimate or order, you can type in the PO # from the customer. This PO number will show up on the invoice. Alternatively, when a customer is creating a new order from the portal, they can input their PO #.

  • If the PO is from a vendor, then InfoFlo Print will let you select which vendor for each line item should be linked. You can then enter your price form the vendor and add a margin. So for example, you have an order with 4 line items, 2 of which are linked to the same vendor, 1 which is linked to a different vendor and the final line item and interal order. Once you generate the above order the following will automatically occur:
    • The system will generate two PO#’s in PDF format and link them to the same order #. 
    • The system will add all line items relating to the same vendor to a single PO.
    • When viewing the PO’s, only your cost is shown to the vendor.
    • You can expand an order to see all linked PO’s.
    • You can email each PO to the linked vendor

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