Print Estimating Software

InfoFlo Print's pricing field options offer you unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to customize your products exactly the way you want. Plus, we've got a variety of ready-made templates tailored to your industry, all created with the pricing field options you'll find below. This means you can easily personalize our product templates or even create custom ones to suit your unique needs.

Customizable Product List

A modern looking product selector with the product image, name and description. You can add custom product fields such as product ID. All fields are searchable from the top search bar.

Price Per Unit

Create price per unit fields as drop down options. When the customer selects them the price will be automatically multiplied by the quantity.

Fixed Price

Create fixed price per unit fields. These can remain a fixed cost or be multiplied by the quantity.

Quantity Options

Select which fields are required for either the customer or estimator. This will ensure that any estimate or order doesn't have any missing values.

Quantity Fields with a Pricing Matrix

InfoFlo Print gives you the power to create a front end quantity box with discounts automatically applied based on the quantity.

Thumbnail Gallery

Add multiple pictures to a product and create a thumbnail gallery. Similarly, you can add products to pricing fields options. When the option is selected, the picture loads.

Conditional Logic

One of our most popular field types is conditional logic. Easily set conditions based on values so that only the fields that your estimator or customer actually want to see load.

Grid Style

Rather than only showing traditional fields, InfoFlo Print allows you to show pricing fields with icons and pictures in a grid style. Print shops typically use these fields to create an improved buying experience for their customers on the B2C and B2B portals.

Imposition Calculator

Need to know how many sheets? How many cuts? Need dutch cutting? InfoFlo Print allows for all this from a simple pricing field to see how many sheets fits on a parent sheet.

Double Imposition

Do you buy large paper stock and need to be able to see Parent to Flat, Parent to Run and Run to Flat? InfoFlo Print includes that too!

Inventory Connection

Connect your inventory for simple lookup to use in pricing fields. Inventory will be automatically updated.

Inventory Lookup

Take inventory one step further with the ability to load and search through your inventory with current stock shown as well as all inventory fields.

Variable & Formulas

Variables can be setup as static or input fields. These variables can then be added to formulas. We train shops so that they you can create these on their own. As a result, they end up with the ability to customize critical values such as click costs, margins, costs and more.

File/Art Upload

Upload files and arts that are linked to a product. You can even set it up so that uploaded art can be seen right away and replaced with the product image. This feature is very popular for your customers when their creating orders through the portal.

Document Upload

For our retail and campus shops, we've created a document upload field for you. This allows for your customers or co-workers to upload a .pdf file and the system will automatically calculate the number of pages, width, height and paper size as well as price!

Single Line Text & Paragraphs

Single line text and paragraph pricing fields are also included. These are mostly used for custom products so that you can type information.

Required Fields

Select which fields are required for either the customer or estimator. This will ensure that any estimate or order doesn't have any missing values.

Duplicate Products

InfoFlo Print lets you duplicate a product with all pricing fields included. As a result, you can create different versions of the same product for different customers.

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