MIS Pricing using Variables and Formulas

InfoFlo Print has an exciting update regarding MIS Pricing. Unlike other system that are limited in the type of MIS functionality that they offer, InfoFlo Print is changing the landscape. We have developer our system that variables can be added as pricing fields and then formulas can be added using these variables.

What does this mean to you? Essentially if you are currently a print shop that is using formulas in excel of even using your calculator, you can now create those variables and use them to create the formula with InfoFlo Print and get the exact pricing you desire. Ofcourse, variables values can easily be changes and margins can be added at any point. So InfoFlo Print can now be thought of as a mini-excel!

Combine this with our already easy-to-use conditional field workflow where specific fields can be shown based on previous fields selection and you have an end to end MIS pricing solution that’s easy to use and customizable, all in the palm of your hands!

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