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Foamboard print shops. You can use InfoFlo Print Software for your foam board jobs. All material, costs, sale prices and calculations can be setup in the system so you can easily create and edit foamboard jobs.

Below are some general tips that we’ve received from print shops who print on foamboards:

Printing on foam board can be a bit challenging because the surface is smooth and non-porous, which can cause issues with ink adhesion. Here are some tips for printing on foam board:

  1. Use a high-quality printer and ink: To get the best results, use a printer with high resolution and pigment-based ink, as it will be more resistant to fading and smudging.
  2. Prepare the foam board: Before printing, make sure the foam board is clean and free of any dust or debris. You may also want to lightly sand the surface to help the ink adhere better.
  3. Use the right paper setting: Most printers have a setting for printing on cardboard or thick paper. Use this setting to ensure that the printer can handle the thickness of the foam board.
  4. Print a test page first: It’s always a good idea to print a test page on regular paper before printing on the foam board. This will give you a chance to make any necessary adjustments to the printer settings before committing to the final print.
  5. Allow the ink to dry completely: After printing, allow the ink to dry completely before handling the foam board. This will help prevent smudging or smearing.

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