Blind Shipping with InfoFlo Print

InfoFlo Print is fully integrated with Shippo. We have a new feature where you can do blind shipping using our integration.

What is blind shipping:
Blind shipping is a method of shipping in which the sender of a package is different from the supplier of the goods being shipped. In other words, the recipient of the package is unaware of the identity of the supplier, and the supplier is unaware of the final destination of the package.

In blind shipping, the supplier ships the goods directly to the recipient on behalf of the seller, who is the one who makes the sale and bills the customer. The seller may choose to use blind shipping to maintain the confidentiality of their supplier, prevent customers from contacting the supplier directly, or to make it appear as if the package came directly from the seller.

Blind shipping is commonly used in dropshipping, where the seller does not hold inventory and instead relies on suppliers to ship products directly to customers. However, it can also be used in other types of businesses where the seller wants to maintain the confidentiality of their supplier.

How does the integration work between InfoFlo Print and Shippo to allow for blind shipping:
It’s actually quite simple. When create a label through InfoFlo Print and Shippo screen loads, you can edit the From address.

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