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InfoFlo Print has updates on B2B portal. It now includes the only fully white labeled portal with a complete workflow.

It starts by creating products and linking them to the company or a group of companies. You can then select to white label the company portal include the:

a.      Logo
b.      Left hand menu
c.      Left hand menu icons
d.      Header
e.      Background
f.       Login page color

Once completed, you can send out a company registration page to all employees or users that will be part of that portal. Once they register, the system will automatically redirect them to the login page and send them an email with their username, password and link to the login page. The login page link is a link specific for that b2b portal and is fully white labelled. Within the system, the new customer is automatically linked as a contact to the company.

Once they sign in they will only see the products you want them to see. They can then:

1.      Create a new order
2.      Re-order from order history if they have already created an order
3.      View the status of orders
4.      Save their credit card information for future purchases
5.      Pay their balance

Finally, InfoFlo Print also include an admin role for a customer. This admin role can be given to any customer/contact linked to the company. With this role activated, they can link into their portal and view all orders, order history and balance for all customers linked to the company and optionally pay the fully balance.

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