About US

The all in one MIS and Web to Print order management system
developed using our over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Our History

40 Years Experience

Eran Berliner, who can be seen in the picture below, is the president of InfoFlo Print. He holds a computer science degree from Western University in London, Ontario and an MBA from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Prior to starting the company, he was the founder of InfoFlo Pay, which is a highly customizable invoice management software. Through a Xerox partnership, Eran and his team created custom systems using the InfoFlo Pay infrastructure for Xerox customers. Four years ago, InfoFlo Pay was customized for a print shop in Toronto and then further customized for a second shop in Toronto. After observing the increased efficiency that the custom system offered and the positive feedback, he decided to solely focus on print shops. 

This is when InfoFlo Print was created. 

Dov Berliner is the CEO and one of the founders of InfoFlo Print. His experience in the print industry spans over 40 years. Dov started his career at Scitex, a company that specialized in products, systems and equipment for the graphics design, printing and publishing markets. In 1990, after 18 years at Scitex, he started Carmel Graphics, a java-based software development company offering products to the graphic arts market. In May of 2000, Carmel Graphics was sold to Creo, a Canadian company involved in imaging and software technology for computer to plate and digital printing and was later integrated into PrintCafe.

InfoFlo Print was specifically developed as an integrated, all in one MIS and order management system designed to meet the needs of small to medium print shops and has Eran's 10-year experience in creating custom systems and Dov’s 40-year knowledge in the print industry behind it.

Within four years, InfoFlo Print has grown to over 185 print shops across the USA and Canada.

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