Taking Payments

Partial Payments #


Pre-payment can be requested during the estimate approval. You can request payment in percentage or dollar amount.

Mandatory pre-payment can be enabled in the estimate settings under pre-payment settings.


Partial payment requests can be sent from the action menu by selecting request partial payment. A popup will appear showing the remaining unpaid balance on the order in green at the very top. You have the ability to request payment in percentage, dollar amount or for specific products in the order.  You can also make the same changes to the email that you can with the invoice email.


Pay at time of Order #


When creating a new order you have the option to “directly pay for the order now”. Pay for the order now gives you the option to directly input payment in full for the order, using all available methods of payment.

Card Payments #


Card Payments are taken using the “Pay Online” option from the action menu. Cards can be saved to contact accounts for later use. A partial payment can be taken at anytime by changing the amount due.

Point of Sale #


If  the POS is setup using Clover integration, then you will have access to the “Pay with Pos” option from the Invoices page action menu.

Alternative Payment Methods #


“Add a Payment” is used for physical payment methods cash, cheque etc. Select the payment method from the dropdown and submit. You can also select to download and print an invoice after payment.

You can also take payments through ACH by enabling the option under the payment processing settings.

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