Send Job to Next/Previous Stage

Send Job to Orders #


When an estimate is accepted by the customer it becomes an order and is automatically sent to the orders page. If you turn an estimate into an order using the internal convert button on the action menu you will be loaded into the orders page and the recently converted order is sent to the top of the page.

Send Job to Design #


If an order requires custom design work, then you can send it to the design page from the orders page using the “send to design” option on the Action menu. A dialog box will appear allowing you to split the order. You can create as many sub-orders as you would like by checking the items you want paired together and clicking split.  Alternatively you can use the split all button.

An order can also be sent back to design from production. Once in production orders will have a “back to design” button at the top of the action menu.

Send Job to Production #


You can send an order to production from the orders page and the design page. Select “sent to production” from the action menu. The split order dialog box also appears here.

An order can also be sent back to production from shipping. Once in shipping orders will have a “send back to production” button in the action menu.

Send Job to Delivery/Shipping #


The shipping page is an optional workflow page located under  Order settings -> Shipping settings-> Enable Shipping.

Orders can only be sent to shipping from production using “send to shipping” at the bottom of the action menu.


Complete Order #


To complete an order change the order status to complete. The order will be sent to the completed page of the stage it is located in. Orders can be completed from all stages except estimates.

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