Production Calendar & Printer Scheduling

Production Calendar #


The calendar is located in the production dropdown on the main left hand menu. This calendar tracks all of the scheduled print jobs across the shops printers.

Printer Scheduling #


Adding Printers #


To add a printer to the calendar select the printer dropdown and type in the name of the printer you want to add. A “printers not found” message will appear in red, below that message is the option to add a printer. Re-enter the name of the printer into the popup window and submit.


Adding Jobs to the Calendar #


Jobs can only be added to the calendar from the production page. Select “schedule printer” from the orders action menu. The edit calendar page will load in. Select the printer then double click into the desired time slot. The job will be added to the calendar, you can drag the job around the calendar to move timeslots and drag the bottom of the job to extend the booked time.

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