Price Overrides

Price Overrides #


Price overrides can be found either at the bottom of the product page, just above the final total price, or on the product slide-out by clicking the arrow on the bottom right beside the product total. You must click the check box to enable the override options. Then you can select you override from the dropdown menu.

1.Override Total Price #


This will cause the system to ignore all formulas and replace the final total with the number in the value field.

2.Override price per unit #


This will change the cost per individual unit ordered.

3.Custom discount #


You can apply a custom discount by entering the discount percentage in the value field

4.Add Value #


The value entered will be added on top of the total price of the product. The cost per unit will also update to reflect the change.

Markups and Margins #


Markups and Margins are located directly below the price overrides .Here you can choose either the percentage of markup you would like to add to the product total or a product margin using the dropdown.

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