Order and Estimate Approval

Order and Estimate Approval #


Estimate Approval #


Once a new estimate has been created it needs to be sent to the customer for approval. After estimate creation you will be automatically loaded into the estimates page, otherwise navigate to the page by selecting estimates on the left hand menu. Locate the estimate with the search function, you can search using, customer name, company or estimate #. Then click on the action button and select “send estimate” from the dropdown.

A pop up will appear giving you a preview of the email that will be sent. You can edit the subject line, body of the email and even change the send to email or add multiple emails using commas. Here you can also send an SMS instead of an email if you have Twilio integration” link to twilio page”

If you need to accept an estimate without sending for customer approval. The action dropdown has a “convert” option. This will directly turn the estimate into an order, bypassing the need for customer approval as well as any mandatory prepayments and/or signatures.

Order Approval #


Order approval is an optional feature. With this setting enabled, the option “is approved” must be set to yes before any payments can be made to the invoice. Unlike estimates this approval is an internal action, meant to be used by management.

This form of internal approval can also be enabled for estimates

If an invoice is sent to the customer before the order is approved they will not be able to make any payments.

Similarly to estimates, Invoices and Order Confirmations must be sent from the action button on the Orders Page. Send invoice and send order confirmation will both bring up a similar popup to the “send estimate” with the same options for editing or sending SMS.

Customer created Order/estimate approval #

When a customer places an order the order will appear in the same place as user created orders. The indicator that this is not an internal order is the “created by” column if placed by a registered contact it will list as “customer”. If the order is placed by a guest account the column will say “guest”.

Customer created estimates will appear in the estimates page. If the estimate is edited or changed in anyway then, just as with internal user created estimates, it will need to be sent back to the customer for approval. If  the estimate does not need to be edited it is not required to send it back to the customer for approval. You can directly turn the estimate into an active order by selecting “Convert” from the action menu.

Customer created Orders will appear in the orders page. Depending on how the customer portal has been setup the order can come in as fully paid, partially paid, or unpaid. Either way as an order you will follow the same rules as with internal orders.

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