Invoicing and Payment Requests

Invoicing and Payment Requests #


Invoices can be sent from the action menu by selecting send invoice. A popup will appear. Here you can review the email, change the recipient, Bcc multiple recipients, and edit the subject line and body of the email.

Partial payment requests can be sent from the action menu by selecting request partial payment. A popup will appear showing the remaining unpaid balance on the order in green at the very top. You have the ability to request payment in percentage, dollar amount or for specific products in the order.  You can also make the same changes to the email that you can with the invoice email.

SMS Invoicing #


Both the invoice and partial payment forms have a tab at the top for SMS messaging. If the Twilio integration is enabled you can send these messages as text messages instead of emails. You can edit the recipient phone number and message body.

Printing Estimates/Invoices #


To Print physical copies of estimates/invoices select “extract to PDF” from the action menu. Download and print.


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