Design Proposal Tool

Design Proposal Tool #


From the design page, expand an order. In the line items table under the actions column there is a blue arrow icon, this is where the design proposal tool is located.

Select “Add File” to upload design files. You can add multiple files. Select the red icon on the top right of the preview image to delete a design file. Below the file preview you can change the file name and description


Approval Mode #


There are three approval modes that define how a customer can accept designs.

Only One Needed #

The customer is only able to accept one of the designs sent. Once a design is accepted all other designs are rejected.

All Needed #

Every file sent needs to be accepted by the customer before the order can be marked as approved.

At Least One #

The customer can accept any number of the designs sent and the order will be marked as approved.

Send To Customer #

The “Send to Customer” tab opens the email dialogue. Select “Submit & Send” to send the design approval email to the customer.

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