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Customer Comments #


Comments are an optional feature  that can be enabled/disabled from the estimate settings. This feature provides a quick and accessible way to communicate back and forth with the customer regarding changes to an order .

Comments are meant to facilitate the ease of communication with the customer during the approval process, as this is when most changes are made to an order. As such they are available during the estimate and design processes. Located on the far right had side of the order, directly next to the order edit button. The speech bubble icon is normally grey, turning blue to signify new and unread comments.

Customers will see comments as a text box located on the right hand side of the estimate/design approval pages directly above the accept button. Here customers are able to not only directly rely feedback without having to leave the system but also upload and send files which can then be downloaded by internal users.

Once a comment is sent from either side an email notification will also be sent to the customer, all assigned salespersons and the original creator of the order. A record of all previous comments can be found on an orders “Order history timeline” .

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