Creating Estimates / Orders

Creating Estimates / Orders #


To create a new estimate  select the estimates page on the left hand menu than select new estimate located in the top right of the page. To create a new order simply select  new order from the left hand menu.


Step 1: Select a Contact #


First select a contact from the contact field. Users can also select a different shipping address and billing email  from other contact’s within the same company.

Step 2: Adding Line Items #


Once a contact is selected you can add items to the order. Click add items and a product menu will pop up. You can either scroll to find an item or type the product name/description in the search field. Once you have selected your items and filled out the pricing fields, hit save at the bottom of the product page to save your choices and add the product to the order.


Added Items show on the item line. Here you can change the item list order, item name and item description. On the Far right hand side of each line Item you can find the edit, duplicate and delete buttons.

Step 3: Updating the Order Information #


To the right of the Contact Information is the Order Information. Here, you can fill in the Due Dates, Net terms, P.O#, Salesperson, and other info.

At the bottom left corner of the order creation page is the additional information section. Here, you can fill in shipping options, store location, and more. You will also find the terms of service in this section, where you can edit them for the order you are creating. Next, you have the additional info box. This is where you can note down any extra information for the order. Anything written in this box will be added to the order’s private notes.


Below the items line on the left side of the page, you will find a variety of extra options. These options slightly differ between new orders and new estimates.

For new estimates, you will see prepayment, surcharge, and signature options. You can specify whether the prepayment is a percentage of the order total or a dollar amount, and then input the corresponding value. Directly beneath the value field, there is a checkbox for a mandatory prepayment. This controls whether or not prepayment is needed to accept an estimate. The signature option is a simple checkbox that toggles a mandatory customer signature, meaning that customers must sign before they are able to accept an estimate.


For new orders, the prepayment section is replaced by a more detailed surcharge box. Now, you have the additional options to “only generate an invoice” and to “directly pay for the order now”. Pay for the order now gives you the option to directly input payment in full for the order, using all available methods of payment.

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