Applying Discounts

Applying Discounts #


There are a few different methods of discounting orders in the system.

 Order Discounts #


If you want to discount all products in the order then you will need to use the “apply discount” option. Located beneath the line items table on the right side of the order page. Once selected a dropdown menu will appear and you can select a discount option from the menu. If you need to create a new discount type into the field a word that is not present on the list and you will be given the option to add a new discount. A popup will appear allowing you to enter a name and percentage amount for the discount. When you are finished hit submit and the new discount will be added to the list for you to select.

Override Custom Discounts #


You can apply a custom discount per product by using the override custom discount. Found in the override product price dropdown you can locate this option either at the bottom of the product page or on the product slide-out by clicking the arrow on the bottom right beside the product total. Click to enable price override then select Apply custom discount from the dropdown menu and enter the discount percentage in the value field below.

Customer Coupons #

These are unique discount coupons that are given to customers for use when they place an order through the customer portal. Coupons are accessible from the orders page dropdown menu.

Selecting “new” on the top right of the page will open the coupon creation page. You must generate a code for the coupon and enter the discount amount in percentage.

By nature coupons are finite and you must either choose an expiry date or maximum number of uses. Once a coupon is created it can still be edited at a later date.

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