General Settings – Custom Fields

Edit Custom Fields #

Found under Settings->General->More->Edit Custom Fields

At the top of the page are four tabs. Each tab is a Page/Form that you can add these custom fields to.

Order Fields #

These fields will be added to both the new order and new estimates pages. You can can also set these to be displayed on PDF’s.

Docket Fields #

These fields will be added to the Job docket below the product and product template information.

They will also appear under the “Docket Information” Section, which can be found on the top right hand side of the order dropdown and the “Docket Details” section on the left of any product page and product template page just below the product image.

Vendor Fields #

These fields will be added to the new vendor PO form.

Product Template Fields #

These fields will be added to the bottom of the edit product template page. Just above the save button.

Adding New Fields #

Located at the bottom of the page just below the list of current fields is the add new section. To add a new field Select a field type from the dropdown menu and hit confirm to add field to the list.

After you’ve selected your fields type and added it to the list you can change the field order by dragging on the vertical arrow to the left of the field type. Create a duplicate or delete a field on the left hand side.

Once added you still need to click the “Update Fields” button below the add new section to save any changes.

Field Types #

There  are five different field types that you can add to each form.

Single line text – A textbox that holds a single line of text.

Paragraph Text – A large expandable textbox suitable for full length text paragraphs.

Dropdown – Adds a dropdown options menu that can be filled with many preset options.

Date – A field that allows you to select a date from an attached calendar.

File Upload – Adds a file upload button that accepts PNG, JPEG, PDF, Excel, MP4 and many other file formats.

Field Settings #

Once the field is added to the list click the arrow on the right side to expand a field and view its settings.

Field Label is the display name that will be used for the field.

Choices are unique to the Dropdown field type.

Rules #

The required checkbox is located under rules and is available for all field types. Enabling this feature will make a field mandatory. A page cannot be saved/created until this field has been filled.

Use as a filter checkbox dropdown type for Orders and vendor fields


The Multiple Files checkbox is only available on the file upload type for the Docket field and allows more than one file to be uploaded to a single field.

Custom Field Settings #

Order Fields Custom Settings #

Show on Order Information Section

Hide from Customers


Show on Estimates Info

Show on Invoices Info

Show on Order History

Show on Order Confirmation Email

Show on Orders Info


Show on Designs Info


Show on Production Info


Show on Docket Order Info

Show on Docket Shipping Info

Show on Vendor P.O PDF

Show on Invoice/Estimate PDF


Show on Package Slip PDF

Allow File to be Downloaded on Estimate Accept Page. File upload type only

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