Estimate/Invoice – Estimate Settings

Start Number #

The beginning number for estimate # generation. When you place your first order this will be used as the order number and the system will count up from there.

Default Expiry Date #

How long an estimate/quotation is valid. Once an estimate is past this date it will be marked as “Overdue”. The time can be set in days, weeks or months.

When creating an estimate the due date will populate based on this expiry date, but a new due date can be selected.

Terms & Services #

The default terms & services text at the bottom of the new estimate creation page, estimate acceptance page and estimate PDF.

Accept Estimate text #

The text shown to a customer when the approve an order on the customer portal.


Adds the customer signature checkbox to the new estimate creation page. Customer signature required still needs to be selected at the time of estimate creation.


Adds the “Edit” button to the estimate approval page on the customer portal. This allows the customer to approve only some of the items in the estimate instead of all items.


Adds the “Fully edit this estimate” option to the customer portal edit field, allowing the customer to make detailed changes to the products in the order.


Adds the “Is Approved” dialogue box to the estimate creation page. By default approval is set to no. Read here for more detail: Estimate Approval


Adds the sales pipeline status to the estimates page. Read here for more detail: Estimate Sales Pipeline


Enables the comment feature on the estimate and design pages. Read here for more detail: Customer Comments

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