Vendor Linking/Costs

Vendor Linking #

You link outsourced products to their vendors via The Vendors page. A product must be linked to a vendor before you can request “link to vendor quotes”.

How to add an outsourced product to an order/estimate #

Follow the standard procedure to add a line item when creating an order. After selecting the product options Select a vendor from the vendor section. Only linked Vendors will appear in this list. If you have a default vendor cost set this will populate in the vendor cost section below the vendor select, this number can be changed.

You can choose to make this cost the “cost per unit” or the total cost of the order by selecting “Override sales price”. You can also enter a job number once you receive one from the vendor.

If you have the product slide-out enabled the vendor section can be found by clicking the more options arrow to the bottom left of the slide-out.

Requesting a quote #

If you have made an estimate with an outsourced product you can send the request for quote to the vendor within the InfoFlo system. From the estimates page, expand the order and scroll down to the “Request for Quote” Section. Here you will see listed all items in the order. Each item that has been linked to a vendor will display the linked vendors name below.

Select the “send request” button and an email dialogue will appear. The linked vendor will appear on the “To” line. The sent email will go to the email address listed on the vendors page. The vendor will be given a link that will allow them to view the product, product quantity and currently quoted price and allow them to edit the cost if necessary.

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