Shippo Integration

Signing up with Shippo #

Select “start for free” and fill in the required information. The integration supports all pricing packages

Access your API Token #

Log in to Shippo and go to Settings->API->Live token and hit generate. This token can only be generated once and you will not be able to view it after, so please copy the token and store it somewhere safe. Paste your token in the “Shippo API Token” field under Settings->Shipping Settings->Shippo Integration.

Shippo Settings #

Package Dimensions & weight #

These are the default package dimensions Shippo uses to calculate their carrier fees. These dimension can be changed on a per package bases when creating the shipping label.

Product template Package dimensions and weight #

Located at the bottom right of each product template. You can specify the size of the unique packaging used for each product as well as how many quantities of that product one package can hold.

Label Format #

The default format for the print out of the shipping label. The format can be changed when creating the label.

Label Markup Percentage #

The label markup percentage is the markup that is charged to the customer for the shipping label. When customers order from the portal the different carrier const generated all include the markup.

Shippo Product Name #

The name of the Shippo label as it displays on the order and order Pdf’s.

Allow customers to pick Shippo labels #

Checking off “Allow customers to pick shippo labels” actives the ability for customers to select their shipping time and cost using Shippo, when they order from the customer portal.

From Address #

The default ship from address used for the shipping label. This field will auto populate with the Information from the Company Information under General settings.

Shipping Quotes For Estimates #

With Shippo you have the ability to quote the cost of the shipping label when sending estimates to customers. After adding a line item to the estimate the “add shipping label” button, located beside “add line item” will active. The system will use the default package dimensions to calculate the shipping rates.

Once the estimate has been converted you can proceed with ordering the shipping label from Shippo. From the action menu select “”Shippo shipping label”. The window will bring up the label that was added to the estimation. If that label is still valid simply click proceed to order. If changes need to be made to the label select “reset rates” on the bottom left corner of the pop up and you will be able to make changes as usual.


Please read here :Shippo Labels  to learn how to create a Shippo shipping label.

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