Frequently Asked Questions


  • Load Designs vs Upload File

    Upload File opens a file browser and lets you select files locally from your computer. The server can store the previously uploaded image files of users. The "Load Design" button allows acess to these stored image files.

  • What is the difference between Contacts and Companies?

    Companies are just that. The companies themselves. Contacts are the individuals belonging to said companies. You can have multiple contacts per company, Keeping note of their positions within the company and individual numbers and emails.

     You can also have a single contact linked to more than one company, ensuring that the job can be correctly billed to the right institutions irregardless of who places the order or how many different companies they may order Companies are the organizations themselves. 

    Contacts are the individuals associated with these organizations. It is possible to have multiple contacts for a single company, with each contact’s position within the company, as well as their individual contact numbers and email addresses, being recorded. Additionally, a single contact can be linked to multiple companies. This ensures that invoices can be accurately assigned to the correct institutions, regardless of who places the order or how many different companies they are ordering for. 


  • Where are my products stored?

    Products can be found under “Product Templates” on the left had menu.

  • How do I edit product name/description ?

    You can globaly change a product name/description from the product templates page. However, if the name/descripton only needs to be change for one order then you simply need to click into the line item name/ description fields on the new order/estimate form, and typing your preferred text.

  • How do I connect my inventory to my products ?

    Inventory can be connected to a product in two main ways.

    The first way is by adding an "Inventory Lookup" pricing template field. This will add an advanced search field to your product, connected to your inventory, which can be categorized.

    The second method is by using the magnifying glass icon located at the top of a "default" pricing template field, next to the "option name". This will allow you to link items from your inventory to option labels. 

  • How do I change my product pricing ?

    Product pricing can be changed globally from the “Template Pricing” page, which can be reached using the left hand menu or via the “Porduct Template” page. If you only need to temporarily change the price of an item for an order Then you can enable the “Override product price” field during order creation.

Customer Notifications

  • Can I create autonomous “Order Pickup” notifications?

    Yes, users can create custom notifications that can be automatically sent to customers and/or other users. These notifications are only triggered when there is a change in the order status. 

  • Can I send late pickup/payment notifications?

    Yes, users can manually send notifications either via email or through SMS using our Twilio integration. These notification can be sent from the invoices page using the action menu button.

  • Can I assign internal users to receive updates when a customer is notified?

    Yes, users can be linked to orders in multiple ways: as the creator of the order, being set as the salesperson during order creation, or by being assigned to the order after creation. 


  • How do I add salespeople?

    Salespeople are separate in the system from Users. To add a salesperson on the Left hand navigate to the Orders dropdown and select salespeople. On the "View Salespeople" page click "new salesperson" on the top right hand side, Fill the name and email fields.

  • How do I change role permissions/restrict access to specific pages?

    Under user settings select "view/add uer roles". On this page you can edit permissions for user roles.

  • What permissions does the “staff_manager” role have?

    The List of Staff Manager permissions is located on the settings page under page permissions.

  • What is the difference between the “staff_manager” and “infoflo administrator” roles?

    The "InfoFlo Administrator" role has unrestricted access , and its permissions cannot be edited. The "Staff Manager" role has less access than "InfoFlo Administrator" and its permissions can be edited and customized.


  • Are there payment plans for customers?

    Yes, customers can pay using a variety of net terms predetermined by the store. 

  • Does InfoFloPrint offer payment processing?

    Yes, we offer a variety of payment options including cash, cheque, digital card, ACH, POS...etc.

  • Is there POS integration?

    Yes, we offer POS integration with Clover POS.

  • Can customers make split payments?

    Yes, the option of split payment is available at all times that payment can be made. Simply edit the amount due from the full amount to a partial payment. Each payment request can also be sent to different emails if needed.

  • How do you process refunds in the system?

    Once a payment has been made for an order, you can easily access the refund button by expanding the order details and navigating to the payment details section. Each individual transaction can be refunded separately, and partial refunds are also possible. To initiate a partial refund, simply edit the refund amount in the dialog box.The order still needs to be cancelled after the refund has been processed.

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